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Scanning DNA...

For now, it has been decided that only TWO Canons will
be allowed for the time being. That is because the
player base is so small as of the moment, and we as
hosts feel it is only fair that we allow for people to
be able to gain the right to play various Canons. This
has also been done so that all the canons are not
taken up at the get go by the Hosts, or beginning
players. To date, the Canon's taken are the following:

Elizabeth Wier (Boo)
Colonel John Shepard(Thing)
Colonel Cameron Mitchell (Thing)
Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter (Phantom)
Teal'c (Tishy)
Morrigan (Boo)
Manannan mac Lir (Phantom)
Dr. Daniel Jackson (Jen)
General Landry (Thing)
Paul Davis (Thing)
Malek (Thing) 

We won't have applications, but we do need the basic
information for each character so that when they are
broken into factions for example SG Teams, we can keep
up with them. This way, if you create your own race
and someone else wants to make one of your species, we
can send you this information and you could contact
the player. So please understand, this isn't an
application, your getting to play your character
doesn't rest on what is sent to us. If we have
concerns we as hosts will contact you and compromise
so that your vision isn't lost in this process. Thank

OOC Name:
Character Name:
Species Name:
Physical Description and Picture:
Special or Unique Abilities:
Special or Unique Skills:


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