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Charter of the SGC...

Charter of the SGC:

“In the interests of defending the planet Earth from the aggressions of alien species that would seek to do us harm, and in light of conclusive evidence that the history of mankind has been filled with the enslavement of our race by non-terrestrial species,

“Futhermore as advised by the Joint Chief’s of Staff and assembled scientific advisors who have examined and found evidence to support these claims,

“Furthermore as the existence of a functional device known as a Stargate provides a doorway to seemingly limitless number of worlds in habited by both allies and aggressors,

“Furthermore knowing that the ability exists for an aggressive species to visit the Earth again with or without the use of a Stargate,

“I hereby mandate into existence the Office of the Stargate Command (SGC) with the mission to seek out and recover intelligence and technology to assist Earth in its defense against these aggressors.

“So signed by my hand, this 22nd day of Febuary in the year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Seven,”

The President of the United States of America


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