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The portals have been open to a new world.  New adventures.  New enemies and new friends.  We welcome you to Stargate: Phantoms A new roll play room on

Before you begin to cross the barrier and let yourself go flying through time and space please read over the rules that will apply in any setting you will find yourself in when coming out the other side of the gate.

1. The rules of this chat-site also apply to this room. The Hostess, the moderators, and the chatters will abide by the AUP. No questions asked.

2. Your pictures must be tasteful, and it is up to the Hostess, and the moderators to decide what is not permitted. Also, if the players complain about a picture, the Hostess or the moderators will step in. If you are requested to remove a picture, do so.  If you continue to have the objectionable picture up, it is grounds for a warning-ban. If you continue to have the picture up, you will be banned for a longer period of time. (You may only appeal your ban to the Hostess.) Also, NO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

3. Yes, this room may have a Mature-Rating, but, this room still has limits. So, no cybering allowed in the public. Take it to Private Messages, Instant messengers, or another private room. If you're caught, you will be warned. There are tasteful ways of inserting sex, and perhaps, crude ways. But, you should not roleplay out a sex scene in public. It could offend someone, and it takes the fun out of the roleplay.

4. If you get into an OOC argument, please take it directly to Private Messages. If a person has to ask you in public to take it to PMs, then you obviously are annoying someone else. If you two cannot reach a resolution, then take it up with the moderators, or the Hostess.

5. If you need to talk to a moderator about a situation, find one that is not playing. It is considered rude to make the Hostess, or the playing moderators have to pause their play to help. After all, they are players too. If all the moderators and the Hostess is in play, and you really need help, then contact them through their messengers, or email.

6. If you feel you have been unfairly banned, email the Hostess directly with the situation. It often helps to have logs of the event that led up to the ban. However, Child Pornography is one thing you cannot request a ban to be turned over. It will be directly ignored.

7. Have fun!

Size of the picture cannot exceed 400x400, 50k.


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