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National Intelligence Department...

The National Intelligence Department:

Little is known of the NID’s mysterious “Men in Black” or their secret agenda. Presumably, the NID is a legitimate organization financed by the government to provide vital civilian oversight of Top Secret Military Operations. In this case, the NID takes great interest in monitoring the SGC’s activities and personnel.

It’s unclear to whom the NID reports to or how one becomes affiliated with the organization, though most NID agents are known to possess prior military backgrounds and familiarity with spycraft and espionage. Even more alarming is their penchant to go ‘rogue’ and operate beyond the scope of their authority. In the past several years, NID agents have orchestrated unauthorized uses of the Stargate, stolen alien technology from Earth’s allies, blackmailed senior SGC personnel, and even conspired with the Goa’uld to further their own seemingly nefarious ends.

The NID insists they further the best interests of the Earth and the United States, but their methods and apparent disregard for proper procedures make them dangerous opponents.

The NID undoubtedly possess a number of spies within the SGC. In the past, NID operatives have even been discovered working on SG teams, following their own covert orders. In time, enough information on the NID may be acquired to finally shut the organization down or hold them accountable for their actions, but for now, they remain an elusive irritant that frequently explodes into a dangerous and direct enemy.


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