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Types of Jaffa:

Bast Guards: The servants and warriors of Bastet, the Bast Guards are catlike female Jaffa trained in Martial Arts and close range combat. Wearing helmets that resemble a feline head and claws that shred flesh with ease, Bast Guards are both ferocious and nimble, a combination that makes them particularly difficult to handle at close range. Moreover, Bast Guards are trained to be far more than mere terror troops, and often are sent to oversee missions of generosity where Bastet bestows gifts upon her loyal followers and worshippers in need.

Brahma Guard: The Brahma Guard are Kali’s Jaffa warriors. Initially created by Shiva, Kali elected to simply assume control of these soldiers when she eliminated Shiva, and continued to breed them in the same pattern. Most quickly transferred their loyalty to Kali, though a few refused to acknowledge she had killed their god. They are trained to worship Kali in her Destroyer aspect, and so are extremely capable warriors.

Emperor’s Hand Guard:
The System Lord Yu developed a strain of Jaffa who were canny and intelligence, permitting them to think for themselves without compromising their usefulness as servants. Emperor’s Hand Guard are ALL fanatically loyal to Yu, and rarely appear within the ranks of other System Lords.

Fianna Warrior: Fighters, bards and roaming judiciary, the Fianna make up the Celtic ideal of what a warrior should be. Those who join the Fianna are already impressive combatants in their own right; the training they receive once their natural abilities to make them faster and deadlier.

The Guard of Ages: The Jaffa in the service of Cronus are fanatical and brutal warriors, trained to crush the threat of revolt or insubordination swiftly and ruthlessly. After the death of Cronus, the Guard of Ages is sworn for the most part to the service of Zeus, though a few follow their own path, convinced that their Master will rise again.

Jackal Guard: The Jackal Guards are among the most recognizable symbols of Ra’s power. Originally, they were Jaffa trained to serve the System Lord Anubis. When Anubis was defeated and exiled, Ra seized control of his resources and integrated his loyal Jackal Guards into his own contingent of Jaffa. No other Goa’uld were able to recruit any Jackal Guards for their own forces, so complete was Ra’s takeover of Anubis’ territory. The Jackal Guards represented Ra’s vast power and ability to overthrow even the most powerful Goa’uld and steal their own resources for his own. With Ra’s death and the return of Anubis, some of the Jackal Guards have returned to their original master while others were assimilated into the ranks of other Goa’uld forces.

Magi-Uchawi: The Magi-Uchawi are derived from African stock, but they benefit from Olukun’s attempts to create an amphibious host race. While the Magi-Uchawi are not amphibious perse, they are quite comfortable both on land and at sea, and are formidable marines.

Necropolis Guard: Sokar differed from the other System Lords in many ways, and none so much as the Jaffa that served him. While most of the other Goa’uld have their Jaffa wear a standard suit of chain armor with armor plates over the top, occasionally accompanied by the System Lord-specific helmet, Sokar has created a more heavily armored form of Jaffa to suit his specific needs. The Necroplolis Guards wear heavy breastplate of red metal armor adorned with curved blades and spikes on the shoulders. None of Sokar’s Jaffa wear specialized helmets, and most are incredibly muscular and powerful. Necropolis Guards fear little thanks to their own close intereaction with one of the most evil Goa’uld of all time. They bear a howling hatred for any Shol’va, and would rather slaughter their foes than capture them for questioning. Few things give Necropolis Guards more pleasure than extracting information from a foe with torture and violence.

Olympian Guard: Zeus’ Olympian Guard were originally culled form the ranks of Cronus’ servants and retrained to serve their new master. When Zeus escaped from captivity, it was not hard to b egin the process again. Today, his Jaffa are an equal mixture of Olympian Guards and turncoat Guards of Ages from Cronus’s rule. Olympian Guards do not wear the large constricting Jaffa armor familiar to most SG teams. Instead they wear a thin Olympian tunic with sandals, for ease of movement, carrying a staff weapon of zat gun.

Raven Guard: These Jaffa in service to Morrigan are few in number, but their skills allow them to penetrate area forces ten times their size couldn’t breach, and return to tell about it. Raven Jaffa are deployed ahead of a main force to scout the frontiers of the battlefield, picking out the best targets. They also go into civilian populations to uncover intelligence before hostilities begin.

Spartan Guard: The Spartan Guard are Jaffa warriors engineered from Greek stock by the Goa’uld Pelops. Though they descend from a separate line than their Chulak brethren, Pelops used many of the same basic techniques in their creation.


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